Chicken processing workshop May 26th

Saturday, May 26 9 AM Mobile Processing Unit training. Henry Thedford, trainer Langdon, NH.

Come join us for a day of interaction learning about back yard chicken processing. Richard Briggs and his family will be hosting this event run by Small and beginning farmers of New Hampshire leader for Sullivan country Henry Thedford. We will be demonstrating the Mobil Process unit MPU that is available to all member of Small and begging farmers to use. This is one of many pieces of equipment offered for use to member of our organization.
During the event you will have the opportunity to participate in the process of safely and humanly harvest farm raised chicken There four basic steps to process a bird include: Removing the blood, Removing the feathers, Taking the organs out, Chilling the carcass, cutting up a whole bird and packaging.
You will be able to pick out and take home your own fresh bird for 20.00$ average size 5.5lbs
Free to members, $15 Non-members. Pay an extra $20 to bring home a chicken. For information or to register, contact Kate Kerman (603) 876-4562 or this is a hands on event for those that wish to participate. Please dress accordingly: farm boots and or a change of shoes is recommended. Refreshments will be available for sale. Cooking demonstration and tasting offered. Farm Fresh Pork and chicken eggs will also be available for sale.