SBFNH Food License Share through Genuine Local

At our annual meeting and presentation day, Gavin and Mary Macdonald gave an overview of their business, Genuine Local, a food enterprise incubator and shared commercial kitchen. They also explained a new service to SBFNH members, a joint licensing venture. SBFNH has applied for a group state food license, which is needed before value added food products can be made for resale. If you have a product you would like to test or market, you can purchase a share of this license for $50 a year as opposed to the $350 which it would cost you if you go it alone.

A couple of examples of how using the Genuine Local kitchen could make more efficient use of your time. If you made jam in your home kitchen, it would take you nearly a full day to produce 4 cases of jam. Using the Genuine Local equipment, you could produce 40 cases of jam in a day. When you make pickles in your home, you can water bath about 8 jars at a time. At Genuine Local you can water bath up to 72 jars at a time.

Since every business is different, Genuine Local has a menu of different possibilities for taking advantage of their services, called the Bootstrap Program. Share members will get these services at a discount. For details, see the list of services and discounts. SBFNH Bootstraps flyer 3-24-18 To discuss a product idea, call or email Mary at (603) 279-8600 or