This is a listing of vets who will work with farm animals. Italicized names verified November 2016 or later

Check out the two vets in Maine (at the bottom) who also serve portions of New Hampshire

COOS COUNTY see also Woodpond Vet, Grafton County
Colebrook Vet Clinic
Kelly Kathleen DVM
180 Main Street
Colebrook NH 03576
Barn Calls and other animals (no cows) on a limited basis
Dr Don Collins
228 Rt 236
Berwick ME  03901
(serves NH)
Oxbow Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Christopher Spooner
272 Depot St
Bradford, VT
(serves NH)
 Lancaster Vet Clinic
Dr. John Anderson
329 Main St.
Lancaster, NH
788-3351will treat small farm animals at the clinic
Animal Fitness
Kibbee Carlton DVM
258 Monument Road
Hinsdale NH 03451
Yes to Farm Calls
Cows, sheep, pigs, llamas, alpacas.
Uses Allopathic and holistic approaches
Green Mtn Bovine Clinic
Boyd Deborah DVM
Major Stephen DVM
27 Bovine Boulevard
West Chesterfield NH 03466
Yes to Farm Calls
Cows, Horses, small ruminants, goats, alpacas, sheep, pigs.
Walpole Veterinary Hospital
Gascoyne Simon BVMS
Ladds Laura DVM
Shaw Charles DVM
PO Box 666
Walpole NH 03608
Cows, sheep, goats, llamas, pigs. No horses.
Yes to Farm Calls.
Equine Animal Wellness
Harwood Donna DVM
77 Concord Road
Keene NH 03431
Horses only
Barn calls
GRAFTON COUNTY                                                                                                             MERRIMACK COUNTY
Woodpond Vet Clinic
Dr. Andy Krause
Wood Pond Rd
North Haverhill, NH
(603)989-5320travels to Coos County with a mobile unit
 Hoofbeats vet clinic
Liz Edmunds and Conrad Boulton
New London,NH 03257
Blackwater Veterinary Services
Jennifer Sula DVM
Matt Mason DVM
Liz Kellet DVM
Lesley Clark DVM
131 Old Turnpike Road
Salisbury NH 03268
Yes, to farm calls
Cows (4 H beef only, no dairy) pigs sheep, goats, llama, alpacas,chickens, ducks,
geese, horses.
Henniker Vet Hospital
Dr. Alyssa J. Brust DVM
Dr. Sarah W. Kehoe DVM
Dr. Sara E. Cook DVM
Dr. Nik J. Kokal M.R.C.V.S
262 Maple Street
Henniker NH 03242
Yes, to farm calls.
Horses, sheep, goats
Kearsarge Vet Clinic, PLLC
Horvath-Palmer Elizabeth DVM
PO Box 272
Wilmot NH 03287
Yes to farm calls.
Horses, beef, dairy, goats, sheep, pigs. No birds.
Pembroke Animal Hospital
Peck Donna DVM
Luksic Rachel DVM
13 Sheep Davis Road
Pembroke NH 03275
Yes to Farm calls.
Camelids, sheep, swine, bovine (beef and dairy), goats, chicken,geese.
Dr. Amy Bright
Candia, NH
has a mobile unit.
Candray Pet Care Center
Cobb Matthew DVM
PO Box 414
Candia NH 03034
Yes to farm calls..
Horses, sheep, goats, beef & dairy, pigs, chickens, geese .alpacas,llamas.
 Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital Inc.
Wu Jennifer VMD
Fallon Timothy DVM
Coderre Kelly DVM
299 Calef Highway
Epping NH 03042
Yes to farm calls
Horse, beef & dairy, pigs, sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas, chickens,geese, ducks.
Deerfield Veterinary Clinic
McDowell Mary DVM
George Simon DVM
Eldredge Robyn DVM
150 South Road
Deerfield NH 03037
Yes, to farm calls.
Sheep goats, horses, beef and dairy, pigs, llama, alpaca (No birds).
LAVender Large Animal Veterinarian
Christina S. Murdock DVM
P.O. Box 197
West Nottingham, NH 03291
(603) 674-9753   Mobile vet service
 Myhre Equine Clinic
Barndollar Ana DVM
100 Ten Rod Rd
Hampstead NH 03841
Yes to farm calls
Beef, Dairy, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese,alpacas, llamas.
Sagamore Animal Hospital
Schafer Michael DVM
64 Sagamore Road
Rye NH 03870
Yes to farm calls.
Horse, beef and dairy, sheep, goats, pigs, chicken, geese, ducks,alpaca, llamas.
 Seacoast Equine PLLC
Calitri Monika DVM
108 Willowbrook Avenue
Stratham NH 03885
Yes to farm calls
Horses only
Cocheco Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Alyssa E. Warneke, DVM
1238 NH Route 11/ PO Box 725
Farmington, NH 03835
(603) 755-9004 office
(877) 838-9375 emergencies
Dr. Warneke has a mobile unit and makes farm calls.
Claremont Animal Hospital
Lynn Fisher DVM
Sarah Mills DVM
Rachel Reed DVM
446 Charlestown Road
Claremont NH 03743
Yes to Farm calls
Horses, Beef & Dairy Cows, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Camelids, Chickens,Geese,
Riverbend Veterinary Clinic
Susan Johnson DVM
Barbara LeClair DVM
Jadene Patch Jadene DVM
Katherine Whybrow DVM
Aimee Shields DVM
7 River Road
Plainfield NH 03781
Cow, (beef and dairy), goats, sheeps, pigs, llama, alpaca, (No birds)
Yes to Farm Calls.
Dr Don Collins
228 Rt 236
Berwick ME  03901
(serves NH)
Taryn Pearson                                                       North East Farm & Family Mobile Veterinary Service

2435 Milton Mills Rd
Acton, Maine
(207) 206-5521
cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, and poultry
Yes to Farm Calls.